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Equity Story

For more than 200 years, our mission at wienerberger has been clear: improving people’s quality of life through our smart building material and infrastructure solutions. With our durable and sustainable products for new build, renovation, and infrastructure, we are perfectly positioned to further improve our ecological performance by contributing to the fight against climate change and to shape the future of construction through innovation. wienerberger has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1869 and is a pure free float company with 100% of its shares being publicly traded.

Why invest in wienerberger?

1. Strong commitment to ESG

  • We provide solutions for net zero buildings not only through our sustainable materials used for the building envelope, but also through our progress in the fields of water and energy management.
  • Owing to their energy efficiency, our products for the construction industry contribute to the fight against climate change both in summer and in winter. With our innovative infrastructure solutions, we guarantee a careful use of resources such as water. Given their exceptional quality and a service life of over 100 years, our products last for generations.
  • At wienerberger, we focus on three crucial sustainability topics: preserving biodiversity, reducing our CO2 emissions, and promoting a circular economy.
  • For us, people always come first. Every year, therefore, we support people in need with our products for housing construction.
  • As a company with a free float of 100%, it is a matter of course for us to engage in open dialogue with our investors and to meet the highest international governance standards.

2. Added value for our shareholders through stable earnings growth

With a clear strategic focus and a proven track record in delivering strong growth rates, EBITDA margins, and cash flows, we continuously aim to generate added value for our stakeholders. We therefore concentrate on three core areas:

Organic growth through innovation

For wienerberger as a leading provider of smart solutions, innovation and digitalization are the main drivers of organic growth. By continuously upgrading our portfolio of products and solutions, we generate added value for our customers and boost the company’s value creation.

Share of innovative products

> 35 %

until 2026

Higher earnings through Operational Excellence

We continuously implement efficiency-enhancing measures along our value chain from procurement through production to sales and administration. Within the framework of our self-help program of efficiency enhancement, we are building a strong track record of performance improvement.

Improved efficiency

136 mn

EBITDA contribution in 2021 – 2023

External Growth through M&A

Given our low gearing and our strong cash flow generation, we are well-equipped to grow through acquisitions and are evaluating a highly attractive deal pipeline. This will result in further growth in our core markets in Europe and North America. The most recent acquisitions in our European and North American core markets result in an average weighted EV/EBITDA multiple of ~5x after synergies three years post-merger, which is attributable to the combination of the acquired company with our own portfolio.

Strong M&A Track Record

~ 5 x

EV/EBITDA multiple 3 years post-merger and including synergies

3. Resilience through diversity

  • Leading market positions, strong brands, and experienced local management teams make us a well-respected local partner with close contacts to decision-makers.
  • Thanks to our strong industrial base with more than 200 modern plants and efficient overhead structures, we achieve optimal market coverage.
  • Our diversified business model with its focus on new build, renovation, and infrastructure in 27 countries helps to balance out divergent business cycles.
  • The resilience of our business model was successfully demonstrated during the pandemic as well as geopolitical challenges.